Milano Prime is a SEA Prime company's brand, part of SEA group, that manages all airports infrastructures dedicated to Business&General Aviation both at Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa. Immediately after the acquisition, the rebranding and the restyling of Milano Prime at Linate and a complete review of the business model started. Today, Milano Prime is the brand that identifies both Linate and Malpensa Business&General Aviation airports. Milano Prime is the largest B&GA airport system in Italy and the 5th European one with almost 26,000 movements in 2018.

Milano Prime at Linate (LIML), with its unique position in Europe at less than 7 kilometers from the city center, is the base for the development of Milano Prime at Malpensa (LIMC) as well, which completes accessibility for passengers and operators of Business&General Aviation to the city of Milan, linking them with the heart of Lombardy and Europe.

The infrastructures dedicated to the Business&General Aviation include 2 Terminals, the aprons for the executive jets stopover, 11 hangars, available offices, 9 exclusive lounges, 460 VIP parking lots and 7 meeting rooms. Milano Prime offers, directly or through Linate and Malpensa partners, a full range of VIP services dedicated to aircrafts, passengers and crews available 24 hours a day, as full aircraft services, conciergerie, border control facilities, catering, limousine and tax free service. It offers even several business opportunities, as hangar facilities being built to suit customers' needs and to be leased, advertising opportunities and events organization.
Organisational & Management model
The Organisation and Management Model contains the principles adopted and the activity carried out by SEA Prime to prevent crimes subject of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and avoid incurring the administrative and criminal liability of legal entities pursuant to said decree.
Reporting channel list
Whistleblowing Platform
Confidentiality regarding the identity of the reporting subject and content of reports

Reports are handled confidentially by the competent bodies and the identity of the reporter, if declared, is not disclosed, except in the cases provided for by law. During the report’s internal verification process, all the rights of the reported person are guaranteed and in no case is a procedure initiated in the absence of tangible evidence regarding the allegations made in the report itself. The whistleblower may not be subject to discriminatory measures directly or indirectly resulting from the report, either during the process of managing the report or afterwards. In particular, if the whistleblower is an employee of the Company, except in cases of liability for willful misconduct or gross negligence, or by way of slander or defamation, or also in cases of whistleblowing with ill intent, the application of any discriminatory, disciplinary and/or retaliatory management measure, direct or indirect, for reasons directly or indirectly related to the whistleblower, is expressly prohibited. SEA Prime expressly reserves the right to take any action to protect its interests, whether direct or indirect, in the event of reports made with ill intent or that are defamatory or slanderous, which may damage or otherwise cause prejudice to its employees, the members of its corporate bodies or third parties that entertain business relations with the Company.

SEA Prime’s disciplinary system establishes a set of sanctions for those who intentionally or gross negligently submit reports that prove to be unfounded. To access the platform, click HERE.
Code of Ethics
SEA Prime Code of Ethics has been adopted for the first time in July 2014; its latest version has been approved by the Board of Directors on July 22, 2021 and illustrates SEA Prime ethical vision, principles and rules of conduct. The Code of Ethics emphasizes the central role of sustainable development within the Company's strategies.
SEA Prime employees, members of the corporate bodies, suppliers, as a whole, anyone acting on behalf or in the interest of SEA Prime, shall adapt their conduct in compliance with the principles and the rules of conduct provided under Company’s Code of Ethics.
The Company has appointed an Ethics Committee to ensure the dissemination, the correct interpretation, the update and the supervision on the implementation of the Code.


In any case of a violation or suspected violation of the Code of Ethics:

via regular mail
c/o Ethics Committee
Società per azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali SEA
Milano Linate airport in Segrate (Milan) postcode 20054
to the courtesy attention of the Auditing Department (specifying the confidential nature of the communication)
Data Protection Officer
It is possible to contact the Data Protection Officer, including for the exercise of the rights of the person concerned under articles 15-22 of the Regulation, by sending an email to the address
Information pursuant to law decree 190/2012
Information Pursuant to Law Decree 190/2012 - Year 2021

How to reach us
Viale dell'Aviazione, 65 20138 - Milano
21019 Somma Lombardo (VA)